Swimming Pool Toys Ball, 9 Inches, Inflatable Or Water-filled Ball

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Swimming Pool Toys Ball, 9 Inches, Inflatable Or Water-filled Ball

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The size makes our grip easier-combining elements of football, basketball and rugby in the water. Two evenly matched teams successfully shoot the ball to the goal without being hindered by their opponents to compete for points.Perfect for pool parties and gatherings-dribble like an underwater basketball. This innovative blue ball toy is something that people of any age will love to play.Easy to fill and play-To fill the ball, you must connect the included hose adapter to the hose. The ball comes with filling needles and detailed instructions on how to inflate.Fill it with water and start the game-watermelon balls look and behave like watermelons in water. This ball is very suitable for various water games, allowing players to dribble, kick, bounce and pass underwater.Swimming toys that encourage exercise and active play in the pool-in today's world, getting kids out can be a challenge. Watermelon Ball provides them with a very interesting pool activity, and they will always look forward to going outside to play.
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