Plush Bunny Toy Super Soft For Baby, Kids, Kids, Adults, Handmade, Corduroy Body Safe


Plush Bunny Toy Super Soft For Baby, Kids, Kids, Adults, Handmade, Corduroy Body Safe

  • Marka: HY

Plush Bunny Toy Super Soft For Baby, Kids, Kids, Adults, Handmade, Corduroy Body Safe

  • Marka: HY
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The perfect gift for all ages-looking for the perfect gift for your loved one for any occasion? Look no further. This cute little rabbit stuffed animal is a gift for anyone, whether it's a newborn baby or an adult. This stuffed animal rabbit will add luster to the home and family. You can hug this little bunny, add it to your plush toy collection, or make this lovely buddy your best friend. The cutest bunny-walk around with this very cute bunny rabbit stuffed animal. It has cute claws, soft ears, irresistible cute face and furry body. The arms and legs of this little bunny are long and thin, so this hug partner can be easily carried anywhere. When you play with this rabbit stuffed animal, you will have so much fun and comfort. Super soft and super durable material-this cute rabbit will not disappoint in terms of softness and durability. The rabbit's body is threaded and stitched with polyester fibers to form a corduroy texture, giving these plush toys the familiar soft and durable feel. These plush toys are filled with pillow-like materials on the head, torso and paws, which are very suitable for children to hug and snuggle. The softness of these plush toys will make anyone happy. Ideal size and weight-this light and compact rabbit plush toy makes it an ideal companion for you, whether walking around the house or traveling around the world. This rabbit weighs only 8 ounces. Infused with organic pp cotton, it is almost as light as feathers. The length of the rabbit from hand to hand is approximately 14 inches. The height of the rabbit from the top of the head to the feet is about 16 inches. The flexibility of its arms and legs allows you to pack this stuffed animal easily. Washing machine safety-This particular rabbit is easy to clean and wash. Put this furry friend in a pillowcase, fasten the end, and put it in the washing machine. Then, place the plush toy on a flat surface to dry. It's that simple and straightforward Product Description Color: Gray Rabbit Each rabbit is handmade and designed by a team of skilled stuffed animal craftsmen. We focus on using strong, natural and non-traditional materials to create the highest quality products. Our goal is to produce high-quality, cute plush toys for everyone. Here, we recognize the importance of bringing the perfect product to everyday consumers, whether it is a toddler, a baby or an adult. We return to the foundation of cuteness and simplicity, inject love and care, and create something truly special. Our passion is to bring happiness to every one of our customers through our simple and unique stuffed animal toys. Happiness is the key to life, and the Hug partner team is committed to bringing happiness to you and your family through this cute plush toy. Now take this cute little animal home and enjoy the fun and love it brings We are a cruel free company. No animals were harmed during the manufacture of this product.

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