Women's Chinese Ethnic Embroidery Flat Ballet Marry Janes Cheongsam Dancing Shoes Triumphantly


Women's Chinese Ethnic Embroidery Flat Ballet Marry Janes Cheongsam Dancing Shoes Triumphantly

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DescriptionIt doesn't pursue fashion but is unique;wear individual grade,conveny inner literary and freshness.Its vintage and fashionable emboridery and small peony and China flower pattern,white is casual,red is ardent and black is sober;asymmetric edge design shows freedom and vintage;classic plate button design weaves unique smell. Delicate embroidery,colorful string overlap,juxtapose and intervain produces flamboyant but not vulgar color effect;the blent color of dark and light has Chinese painting's render effect;it uses top grade material,color is staid and simple,like go through time's baptism,showing perfect literary smell;it comforms to human engineering,it is comfortable and protects the feet. Wearing it is like going through thousand years time,eyesight like wave,smile like flower,moving step like lotus. Features: pure natural canvas,with little stimulus to the skin,abosorbs sweat and ventilate,is soft and close to the skin,super ventilated and super refreshingsoft inner design,classic superior linen material,ventilate and is close to the skinvintage shoelace,elegant,beautiful and decentcotton string embroidery,perfect and delicatecowhell shoe sole,anti-skidding and comfortable,wear ressitant and durable Specifications: * Color Category: Black, Red* Available Sizes: US4.5=UK2.5=EUR35=22. 5cmUS5=UK3/3. 5=EUR36=23cmUS6=UK4=EUR37=23. 5cmUS7/7. 5=UK5=EUR38=24cmUS8=UK6=EUR39=24. 5cmUS8.5=UK6. 5=EUR40=25cmUS9=UK7=EUR41=25.5cm
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