Wireless Gamepad, Bluetooth Vibrating Somatosensory Gamepad (yellow)


Wireless Gamepad, Bluetooth Vibrating Somatosensory Gamepad (yellow)

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Auxiliary target, lock fast and accurate target Left and right separation design Left and right handles can be used separately meet your individual needs Wired or wireless connection via Bluetooth is supported. Connection Instructions: a: Press the up, down, left, right, right [red] left [blue] handle on any handle on the a, b, x, y keys to activate the handle, and the 4 simultaneous l LED indicators will flash cyclically. b. Press and hold the "mode" button on the left [blue] handle or the right [red] handle for 3 seconds, the LED will continue to flash, and enter the Bluetooth pairing mode. C. Return to the main interface of the Switch host, select "Handle/Controller" in the menu, select "Switch Handle Mode", and the host will automatically find the handle. After connecting to the controller successfully, press the A key and select "Close" to enter the menu to start the game. Multiplayer support, more controllers, another joy

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