Corset Bra Extender (optional),2pcs-ksize


Corset Bra Extender (optional),2pcs-ksize

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Package Included: Corset Bra Extenders 2pcs 3 Rows x 11 Hooks. 11 hooks: Long 9.25 inch, 0.79 inch between hook centers. Extra room for you:the extended strap can create some extra room for you,thus to make it comfortable and easy when wearing your corset.Save money by prolonging the lifetime your favorite corset. Easy to use: just attach the hooks on the underside of the extender to your corset hook loops, then use the hooks on your corset bra to attach to the hook loops on the front side of the extender. SATISFACTION - If you have any questions, send us an email. We are looking forward to your suggestions about our improvement. Hope can bring you different comfortable and healthy experience.

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